For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts, I run drop in laptop surgeries in London Libraries as part of an experiment originally started through IT4Communities.

Previously I was running one in Queens Crescent, Camden and Marylebone Library, Westminster; however I have been asked to expand this somewhat and start to include Kentish Town Library as well!

I was approached by Philip, a lovely gentleman who I met when I was trying desperately to get Camden to let me run these surgeries, at the beginning of October as he had moved jobs and wanted me to include Kentish Town as well…  After considering that while I didn’t want to lose either of the other two surgeries but didn’t want to spread myself too thin either I opted to split the Camden one between Queens Crescent and Kentish Town on a monthly basis.

I turned up this morning to find that Philip had been promoted and moved on, and to my surprise had not left anyone my contact details to follow up on the surgeries!  The staff were very helpful in the end once they realised who I was, and overall I think the first surgery was a success!

Lets hope this trend continues!!