What is ServiceNow?

Servicenow is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides a cloud computing platform for Enterprises to digitise their workflows and automate processes.

I have had the privilege of working on a number of these projects over the years, below are some of my successful projects:

Previous ServiceNow Projects

Deployment of ServiceNow Discovery across large enterprise

The client had 135 separate offices in more than 80 countries; I developed the required scanning infrastructure to complete a full scan of all buildings within 24 hours, as well as working with other internal IT teams such as networking to ensure that other monitoring systems were not impacted and the Service Desk to ensure that the process of laptop/desktop deployments included updating the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), allowing Discovery to monitor the device for changes.


Discovery was successfully deployed across all sites & countries, allowing the CMDB to be used as a single source of truth for the client; this aided them in avoiding lengthy audits from their software vendors, and in one case prevented them from being heavily fined for non-compliant software installations

Three version upgrade of ServiceNow Instance

The client were at a point where they were close to falling out of compliance since they had not upgraded their instance of ServiceNow in almost 2 years; most of the issues with upgrades were linked to a heavily coded instance, instead of taking advantage of the abilities of the platform.


We successfully migrated the heavily coded sections to out of the box functions to aid in the transition, as well as defect remediation and coordinating with the client on upgrade time as they are a 24 x 7 operation that could not afford any large amounts of downtime. This allowed the client to reduce the time for upgrades by more than 90%.

Developing Configuration Management Database Integration between ServiceNow Discovery, Microsoft SCCM & SNOW Software

I was asked to re-implement the Discovery product at a large enterprise client, as they had rebuilt their instance of ServiceNow and no longer had access to the previous work that had been done. As part of the re-implementation, they wanted to include data from two other sources (Microsoft SCCM and SNOW Software) as well as develop a custom scanning techniques to pull in currently installed Windows Patches to monitor compliance.


Project was a complete success, ensuring all three datasources worked in synchronisation and provided a more comprehensive data set for the client.