One of the projects that I found on IT4Communities was the possibility of running ‘Laptop Surgeries’ for Westminster Libraries.  St Johns Wood Library runs a set of Computer Courses for Over 50s where they can learn how to use a computer/use email/get the best from the web etc; and what they found was that most of the students were going out and buying their own kit after they had done a few courses because they were so fascinated by it!

Unfortunately, as what happens with most ‘fads’, was that these senior citizens were getting home and finding issues (setting up printers, wireless access, etc) and the Library had no way of providing support for them.

So here we are, four months into the project and I can say that it has been a success! so much so, that I am trying to get them extended to my own local library in Camden! I know plenty of users who would welcome this type of a service, and Camden’s Libraries are a perfect place to deliver these surgeries!

Who can we put pressure on to deliver this!!!!