As of today, Students are using the guise of ‘peaceful protests’ to attack the government on their plans for changing the amount a University course costs.

Yes, the cost rise is astronomical for a lot of us to comprehend, yet I wonder how many of these students (who by the way wont have the pay this cost, but are just throwing their toys out of the pram anyway) have actually READ the proposals…


  • The new proposals stop anyone from paying ANY fees upfront!!  This simple fact has stopped a lot of  students from middle class backgrounds from going to university for years, and will now make sure EVERYONE can go to a university so long as they have the requisite grades at A Level/GCSE
  • Most University Courses will be costed in the £6,000 bracket rather than the £9,000 bracket because the higher bracket can only be used in ‘exceptional circumstances’
  • You will not have to start paying this back until you earn more than £21,000 per year, and even then the amounts you pay back are taken out at the same time as your tax and national insurance, so you wont really notice the money going out!

And finally, if this were a Conservative Government, YOU WOULD NOT HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!  The Lib Dems in the coalition have realised that they cannot appease everyone, so they have made it their mission to ensure they are the voice for fairness in the coalition, while the conservatives make the hard decisions that have been necessary (despite what you may have heard from Unionist Labour MP’s).

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Lib Dem voter! I believe in the Lib Dems values! But after coming out of University, in worse circumstances under a Labour government I might add; I have had to learn that while you can’t have everything your own way you must always stand up for the values you believe in; and by making sure that Students no longer have to find thousands of pounds  to even enter a university in the first place, they have ensured that education is free at the point of need.

If nothing else Nick Clegg, you can take heart from the fact that you have acted as best you could in the circumstances you have been dealt. No one can say fairer than that!